Interactive Teaching Aids Integrating Building Blocks and Programming Logic

Chien-Hsing Chou,
Yu-Sheng Su,
Hui-Ju Chen,


This study developed interactive teaching aids integrating building blocks and programming logic for children called e-Tuning. The teaching aids comprise two systems: (1) a programming logic board and (2) an e-book and task maps. The design concept of the programming logic board enables children to conduct simple programming without computers. Computer-programming commands are converted into tangible programming blocks easily understood by children. Children can simply place the programming blocks on the programming logic board to complete their programming tasks. The e-book provides assembly methods for Lego robots to complete different programming tasks. Children can follow the assembling steps in the e-book to construct the robot and use it to solve programing tasks. Constructing robots with varied designs enhances the enjoyment of children during the learning process. The e-book also provides diverse story tasks and corresponding task maps. Teachers can apply these story tasks to guide children in using programming blocks to complete the tasks systematically. The results of an experimental course and field trials reveal that through games and tasks, e-Tuning can cultivate basic programming logic, inspire creativity, and develop logical thinking.

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Chien-Hsing Chou, Yu-Sheng Su, Hui-Ju Chen, "Interactive Teaching Aids Integrating Building Blocks and Programming Logic," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 20, no. 6 , pp. 1709-1720, Nov. 2019.

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