Application of Medical Care Automation System: Taking Gastroenterology as an Example

Jiann-Hwa Lue,
Ting-Jou Ding,
Ching-Hai Lee,


Recently, a major patient safety incident occurred in Taiwan’s large medical center in two consecutive years, which made public opinion stunned. Even in medically advanced hospitals, there will still be problems of manual operation. Therefore, in medical diagnosis, it is very important to use the information and communication technology to verify the patient’s medical treatment process and record the medical history, and reduce the occurrence of security concerns due to human error. This research built an automatic gastroscopy management system. Other than this system help the nurse to automatic record measures the life information of the patient, such as pulse, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and heartbeat before doctors conduct diagnosis and treatment. This system offers long-distance searching function and provides to facilitate the convenience of medical personnel in operating the instrument in different positions. This system uses WSN technology as the patient’s physiological information. The use of gastroscope and other data are automatically recorded in the web database.

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Jiann-Hwa Lue, Ting-Jou Ding, Ching-Hai Lee, "Application of Medical Care Automation System: Taking Gastroenterology as an Example," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 20, no. 5 , pp. 1657-1663, Sep. 2019.

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