MPR Based Secure Content Routing Scheme for NDN-MANET

Xian Guo,
Ma-Jiang Zhang,
Aristide Ngaboyindekwe,
Jun-Li Fang,
Jing Wang,


“Bread Crumb” routing in native NDN is better suitable for highly dynamic MANET. However, uncontrolled interest flooding will cause the broadcast storm and security issues in NDN-MANET. So, this paper takes advantage of MPR in OLSR and proposes a MPR based Secure Content Routing for NDN-MANET (MPR-SCR). In this novel scheme, some security mechanisms, such as cooperative authentication, statistical detection, and voting scheme etc., are introduced to resolve security issues mentioned in this paper. By using cooperative authentication based on Merkle Tree, nodes in a network can cooperatively verify a new node that wants to join the network. PIT based statistical detection, that benefits from NDN’s stateful forwarding feature, and voting scheme are used to prevent from selecting a node that is controlled by an attacker, as a node in MPR. And they can further block attacks of interest flooding and sending malicious name prefix. In addition, hash and signature mechanisms in an interest packet are used for source authentication. Finally, we simply analyze security attributes of our novel scheme, and detailly verify our scheme and make comparisons with the related schemes by experiment in ndnSIM 2.3.

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Xian Guo, Ma-Jiang Zhang, Aristide Ngaboyindekwe, Jun-Li Fang, Jing Wang, "MPR Based Secure Content Routing Scheme for NDN-MANET," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 20, no. 5 , pp. 1625-1636, Sep. 2019.

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