Super Connectivity and Diagnosability of Crossed Cubes

Shiying Wang,
Xiaolei Ma,


A multiprocessor system and an interconnection network have a underlying topology, which usually presented by a graph G . In 2016, Zhang et al. proposed the g -extra diagnosability of G, which restrains that every component of G − S has at least ( g +1)  vertices. As an important variant of the hypercube, the n -dimensional crossed cube CQ_n has many good properties. In this paper, we prove that CQ_n is tightly (4n-9) super 3-extra connected for n ≥ 7 and the 3-extra diagnosability of CQ_n is 4n-6 under the PMC model ( n ≥ 5) and MM^* model ( n ≥ 7) .

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Shiying Wang, Xiaolei Ma, "Super Connectivity and Diagnosability of Crossed Cubes," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 20, no. 4 , pp. 1287-1296, Jul. 2019.

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