An Empirical Study on Tacit Knowledge Sharing Based on Social Network Analysis

Peng Jiang,
Zhongjian Le,
Juling Ding,
Yong Guo,
Changhoon Lee,


At present, entrepreneurship education research has become the current research focus. The research of entrepreneurial education mainly studies the quality of entrepreneurs and the curriculum system of entrepreneurship education. Some researchers study entrepreneurial education through knowledge sharing, especially tacit knowledge sharing. With China’s “popular entrepreneurship and innovation”, entrepreneurship education research to a higher level. Status shows that the current college entrepreneurial rate is low, but Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College students entrepreneurial rate reached a leading level in the world. However, the student entrepreneurial rate is still ahead of the national level, but the student business rate has declined since 2015. Therefore, in order to understand this situation and continue to maintain a higher rate of entrepreneurship, this study choose from the perspective of tacit knowledge sharing, the use of social network analysis method to study the problem. First, this study discusses the elements of tacit knowledge sharing in social network of entrepreneurial class from the aspects of network density and distance, centrality, cohesion and structural hole analysis. Secondly, taking social network established by an entrepreneurship class students of Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College as an example through interviews and questionnaires. Thirdly, the social network analysis (SNA) method is used to study the exchange and sharing of entrepreneurial tacit knowledge in this social network. Through the study, it is found that there are a series of factors that hinder the spread of tacit knowledge in the existing social network of entrepreneurship class, which indirectly affects the efficiency of entrepreneurship education. Finally, this paper puts forward some corresponding countermeasures and suggestions on these problems which can be used to improve the entrepreneurial rate of college students and to promote the sustainable development of national economy.

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Peng Jiang, Zhongjian Le, Juling Ding, Yong Guo, Changhoon Lee, "An Empirical Study on Tacit Knowledge Sharing Based on Social Network Analysis," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 20, no. 2 , pp. 483-489, Mar. 2019.

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