Using Cloud Services to Develop Marketing Information System Applications

Chien-Wen Hung,


This study presents a cloud services customized product information system to enable businesses to provide customized product marketing on the Internet to meet consumer demand for customized products. The cloud service of the information system development strategic framework proposed in this study contains three elements: (1) e-commerce services, (2) promotion type modules, and (3) cloud services customized promotional products. In this study, a mining cloud information system to detect customer behavior is proposed. The association rules from a relational database design are utilized to mine consumer behavior in order to generate cross-selling proposals for customer products and marketing for a retailing mall in Taiwan. The study is composed of several parts, as follows. A market segment and application of association rules in data exploration techniques (Association Rule Mining) and sequence-like exploration (Sequential Pattern Mining), efficient analysis of customers, consumer behavior, identification of candidates for promotional products, as well as using cloud service delivery and evaluation of targets to evaluate candidates for promotional products for production. However, in addition to cloud service customized promotional products, the quantity of promotional products sales varies for different customers. We strive to achieve increased customer loyalty and profits through the use of active cloud service customized promotional products.

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Chien-Wen Hung, "Using Cloud Services to Develop Marketing Information System Applications," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 20, no. 1 , pp. 157-166, Jan. 2019.

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