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Coding Based Broadcast for Layered Video Streaming in Wireless Networks

Cheng Zhan,
Fuyuan Xiao,
Li Tao,
Siqi Chen,


There is an increasing demand for layered video streaming applications in wireless networks, which need data packets to be received strictly in-order and on time at the receivers. In this paper, we study efficient wireless broadcast scheduling problem in layered video streaming applications based on network coding, aiming at minimizing the number of packets which miss their deadlines. Using a weighted graph model, we formulate the problem as an integer linear programming and prove that it is NP-hard. We propose a packet encoding and broadcasting algorithm based on the maximum weight clique in the graph. Detailed analyses show that the appropriate settings of weight function can ensure that the packet with lower layer and earlier deadline is encoded and broadcast first. Simulation results show that our algorithm significantly reduces the deadline miss ratio in most cases, which is an important performance metric in layered video streaming applications.

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Cheng Zhan, Fuyuan Xiao, Li Tao, Siqi Chen, "Coding Based Broadcast for Layered Video Streaming in Wireless Networks," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 20, no. 1 , pp. 49-58, Jan. 2019.

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