How to Tour Shanghai Disneyland Park

Yan Liu,
Chi Guo,
Manli Zhang,
Xiaoqun Wu,
Ye Zhou,


We prensent a tourism management system, based on indoor and outerdoor collaborative precise positioning (Xihe positioning technology) in this paper. The system consists of a kind of tourists card of high precision positioning and a background data service system. By using the system, we can get tourists’ location data including real-time data and historical data. We can also provide a more convenient mobile management service for tourists. Then, we put forward the concept of coverage ratio and degree of fatigue, and design algorithms for tour quality analyses and a route planning algorithm. These algorithms involve collected track data and waiting time in the travel spots and aim to analyze whether tourists have an effective tour and recommend reasonable routes. Moreover, we apply the tourism data of Shanghai Disneyland Park as a sample set to validate the algorithms. According to the above algorithms, we get two routes to satisfy tourists. They can travel most tourist spots with minimum time.

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Yan Liu, Chi Guo, Manli Zhang, Xiaoqun Wu, Ye Zhou, "How to Tour Shanghai Disneyland Park," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 20, no. 1 , pp. 25-38, Jan. 2019.

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