Fine-grained Image Authorization Mechanism for Image Management Systems

Yi-Hui Chen,
Eric Jui-Lin Lu,
Ping-Jung Chen,


To protect personal privacy and confidential preservation, access control is used to authorize legal users for safe browsing the authorized contents on photos. The access control generates an authorization rule according to each permission assignment. With low maintenance loads, this paper integrates the PM-tree compression and access control technique to propose a fine-grained access control model for digital image systems. The proposed scheme enables users to have different views of an image after they login to the system. The authorization unit for the image can be parts of the image, such as a pixel, a block, several blocks or the whole image. The experiments implement this model on the Blueprint Collaboration System (BCS) provided the positive data to confirm its feasibility.

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Yi-Hui Chen, Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Ping-Jung Chen, "Fine-grained Image Authorization Mechanism for Image Management Systems," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 6 , pp. 1919-1927, Nov. 2018.

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