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Adaptive Quality of Service(QoS) Supported Media Access Control(MAC) For Ad Hoc Networks

Zhijun Cai,
Mi Lu,


With the development of the real-time multimedia technology, it is important to design an efficient QoS supported MAC for ad hoc networks, which is always a challenging problem due to the absence of the central control and the dynamic network topology. In this context, we propose the TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) based, collision-free and QoS supported MACs for synchronized mobile ad hoc networks. For single channel networks, mobile nodes dynamically search the Native Index (NI) to transmit the requests for the network resources. Then the data slots in the data frames are dynamically distributed to the nodes upon their requests. No collisions will occur for both the control packets and the data packets. The throughput is much improved and can steadily increase with the traffic load. By reserving the resource, each node can realize the QoS communication efficiently. For multi-channel networks, every node dynamically requests the resources (the data slots as well as the channels) on the narrow-band control channel. The proposed MACs can efficiently support the QoS communications in synchronized ad hoc networks, and the simulation results verify the advantages.



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Zhijun Cai, Mi Lu, "Adaptive Quality of Service(QoS) Supported Media Access Control(MAC) For Ad Hoc Networks," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 3, no. 2 , pp. 129-138, Apr. 2002.

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