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Ticket-based Service Access Scheme for Wireless Comnication Systems

Byung-Rae Lee,
Kyung-Ah Chang,
Tai-Yun Kim,


In the third generation mobile telecommunication systems such as UMTS, one of the important problems for value-added services is to verify the recoverability of costs used by a mobile user. Previous authentication and payment protocol for value-added services by a mobile user across multiple service domains, rely on the concept of the on-line TTP, which serves as the user’s certification authority. In the third generation systems with many service providers, a wide range of services, and a diverse user population, authentication mechanisms with the on-line TTP provide a far from ideal solution. In this paper we propose a service access scheme based on the notion of the ticket for value-added services in UMTS. Proposed ticket based authentication and payment scheme provides an efficient way for VASP to check the recoverability of costs without communication with the on-line TTP. Furthermore, proposed ticker-based protocol can provide anonymous service usage for a mobile user.



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Byung-Rae Lee, Kyung-Ah Chang, Tai-Yun Kim, "Ticket-based Service Access Scheme for Wireless Comnication Systems," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 3, no. 2 , pp. 111-120, Apr. 2002.

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