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PLOW: An Adaptive Channel Allocation Strategy for Large-Scale Mobile Cellular Networks

Chyi-Ren Dow,
Jong-Shin Chen,
Yu-Feng Hwang,


This study presents an adaptive channel allocation strategy, PLOW, in which Primary channel set, Locked cells, channel Order list, and Weight function techniques are used to perform channel assignment. The primary channel set can be tuned to adapt to the variations in traffic. The number of locked cells and the distance between the specified cell and these locked cells are considered for choosing an available channel. These characteristics are presented in the Weight function to determine the channel priority for serving incoming calls. The channel order list and the channel interference table are used to perform channel acquisition. Because PLOW facilitates the compaction of co-channel cells, the traffic-carrying capacity can be improved. PLOW is a distributed scheme that has the advantages of low time delay, freedom from deadlock, robustness, and symmetry. The advantages of the low time delay and freedom from deadlock can ensure bounded latency and support highly delay-sensitive applications. Simulation results demonstrate that PLOW outperforms other schemes in uniform, non-uniform and hybrid traffic distributions, especially in large-scale mobile cellular networks.


Large-scale cellular networks; channel allocation; distributed algorithms; traffic adaptation

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Chyi-Ren Dow, Jong-Shin Chen, Yu-Feng Hwang, "PLOW: An Adaptive Channel Allocation Strategy for Large-Scale Mobile Cellular Networks," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 3, no. 2 , pp. 89-98, Apr. 2002.

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