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Euro6IX:Pan-European IPv6 Internet Exchanges Bacbone(Invited Paper)

Jordi Palet Martinez,


Euro6IX is the larger research project up to now funded by the European IST Program. The goal of the Euro6IX project is to support the rapid introduction of IPv6in Europe. Towards this target, the project has defined a work plan. This describes the Pan-European network design (native IPv6), network deployment, research on advanced network services, development of applications (that will be validated through the involvement of user groups and international trials), and active dissemination activities, including events and conferences, contributions to standards (IETF and RIPE among others), publication of papers and active promotion of all the publicly available project results through the project web site.


IPV6; native; Europe; Internet Exchanger; CoS/QoS; MIPv6; next generation applications; multicast; security; policy languages

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Jordi Palet Martinez, "Euro6IX:Pan-European IPv6 Internet Exchanges Bacbone(Invited Paper)," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 3, no. 2 , pp. 85-88, Apr. 2002.

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