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An Efficient Resource Management Algorithm for Information Centric Networks

Xiao-Cui Sun,
Zhi-Jun Wang,
Hang Chu,
Qi-Rui Zhang,


The build-in caching capability is a common and important feature of the innovative Information or Content- Centric Networks (ICN/CCN) architectures to enable effective content distribution. ICN caching has several distinguished characteristics compared with traditional Web caching: ubiquitous, transparent and inner-grained. These unique features bring new challenges to the ICN caching design. Current LRU-Everywhere caching strategy which caches popular objects redundantly along the content delivery path highly degrades the performance of the ICN caching. With particular focus to reduce caching redundancy and improve cached content availability, we propose a novel cache scheme, called An Optimized Cache Replacement Algorithm for Information Centric Networks (OCRICN). In particular, OCRICN managed to allocate the caching resource by giving higher opportunity of caching those objects with higher popularity, smaller size and more retrieving cost. We formulate the content placement problem to benchmark the globally optimized performance. Simulation results show that the performance of our scheme outperforms the widely used schemes in term of cache size, chunk size and access pattern on the caching performance. The results demonstrate that the proposed scheme is efficient in maximizing bandwidth utilization and minimizing average query delay.


ICN/CCN; Cache; Scalability

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Xiao-Cui Sun, Zhi-Jun Wang, Hang Chu, Qi-Rui Zhang, "An Efficient Resource Management Algorithm for Information Centric Networks," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 17, no. 5 , pp. 1007-1015, Sep. 2016.

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