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Feature Selection with Multi-Cost Constraint

Jing-Kuan Li,
Hong Zhao,
William Zhu,


Cost-sensitive learning extends classical machine learning and data mining by considering various types of costs, of the data. Due to money limited, we also have a constraint on the cost for selecting feature and tradeoff between the test costs and misclassification costs. However, the precious works seldom involve the tradeoff problem under the multi-cost constraint. In this paper, we introduce the misclassification costs into the cost constraint problem firstly, and propose a quadratic heuristic algorithm to deal with the minimal feature selection with multi-cost constraint problem. The goal is to obtain a feature subset with minimal average total cost, which includes test costs and misclassification costs. Experimental results indicate the proposed algorithm is effective and efficient.


Feature selection; Granular computing; Misclassification costs; Multi-cost constraint; Heuristic algorithm

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Jing-Kuan Li, Hong Zhao, William Zhu, "Feature Selection with Multi-Cost Constraint," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 17, no. 5 , pp. 981-991, Sep. 2016.

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