Special Issue: “Deep learning algorithms for enhancing security in Cloud Service”

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“Deep learning algorithms for enhancing security in Cloud Service”


Deep learning is one of the major disciplines within Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses complex algorithms to make computer understand any task as what a human does. Neural networks are the base platform on top of which deep learning algorithms are developed. It can be easily said that most of the sophisticated and AI based systems use deep learning algorithms for feature extraction, understanding, classification and prediction. With the growing volumes of digital data which is available courtesy of several social media platforms, deep learning can serve as a vital catalyst in discovering new patterns and trends from these digital data. Deep learning concepts have been applied across a wide range of business and commercial activities such as medicine, e-commerce, stock market analysis and predictions, e-banking transactions, retail promotions etc. Deep learning can be applied in any space of digital finance and marketing. However, a sufficient amount of “training” data should be available. The ease and scalable aspects of deep learning principles make it an instantaneous choice for adapting into any domain for making decisions.


Security in Cloud Service is a multidisciplinary field of study concentrating on the structure of PC innovation and, specifically, the cooperation between the clients and PCs. While at first worried about PCs, Cloud has since extended to cover practically all types of data innovation plan.


The challenge especially when deep learning principles are applied for cloud lies with the fact that these stimulated inputs should be represented as suitable inputs to the deep learning based classifier and the mapping functions should be clearly defined and encoded based on these inputs. The success of deep learning based solutions for enhancing security in Cloud Service is hugely reliant on the accuracy and decision making capabilities.


This special issue on Deep learning algorithms for enhancing security in Cloud Service serves as an excellent platform to exchange innovative, creative and novel ideas related to exploring the opportunities of applying deep learning principles across modern security methods in cloud. Topics of interest include but are not restricted to:


  • Deep Learning in cloud computing based services
  • Deep Learning in Semantic Computing
  • Deep Learning in Cloud Services
  • Deep Learning in Big Data as a Service
  • Deep Learning based Service-Oriented Applications
  • Survey in enhancing security in Cloud Service
  • Enhanced data security in cloud storage
  • Security in cloud services – A Hybrid Approach
  • Security and Privacy Issues in Cloud Services
  • Deep Learning based on End to End Cloud Security
  • Encryption algorithms for enhancing security in Cloud Service
  • Analysis on Cloud based security framework
  • Advanced security models based on cloud computing
  • Cloud security using hybrid encryption algorithm
  • Deep Learning on cloud based security framework


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the 4th Quarter in 2021
Guest Editors:

Dr. Gunasekaran Manogaran, Big Data Scientist, University of California, Davis, USA


Dr. Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, Professor of Decision Sciences, , School of Administrative Studies

York University, Toronto, Canada



Dr. Ching-Hsien Hsu, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering,

Chung Hua University, Taiwan



Dr. Qin Xin, Full Professor of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology,

University of the Faroe Islands,  Faroe Islands.