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Implementing Endpoint Identifier Local Locator Mapping Tables for Reducing Packet Switching Time Delays

Ta-Te Lu,
Keng-Jui Chiang,


The Internet Engineering Task Force proposed the Locator Identifier Separation Protocol. This has the objectives of separating the endpoint identifier (EID) and routing locator (RLOC), which was originally used as the identifier and locator of nodes, to save and manage the EID-RLOC mapping tables by using the map server, and to perform route processing according to the EID-RLOC mapping relationship.
The current study proposes an LISP-EID-local locator mapping table (LISP-ELMT) transmission scheme. In contrast to map caching, the ELMT scheme proposed an extension of the map cache table storing source and destination EID-RLOC instead of only destination EID-RLOC. When movements occur, the new positions of RLOCs in the ELMT are compared to notify the original and destination RLOCs, therefore reducing the complexity of mapping database protocols between RLOCs and the map server. The results indicated that the ELMT provided more information for map caching and consequently resulted in a time delay reduction of approximately 35%-50% during the packet switching of mobile nodes. Compared with LISP-mobile node, LISP-proxy mobile IP, and LISP-distributed handover control (LISP-DHC) methods, the LISP-ELMT scheme registered a more effective reduction in the influence of time delay in wired connections.

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Ta-Te Lu, Keng-Jui Chiang, "Implementing Endpoint Identifier Local Locator Mapping Tables for Reducing Packet Switching Time Delays," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 5 , pp. 1443-1455, Sep. 2018.

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