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Study on Dynamic Multi-document Summarization System Framework Method

Meiling Liu,
Wei Wei,
Bing Xu,
Huiqiang Wang,


This paper introduced a new Internet-based dynamic multi-document summarization system framework based on natural language processing and applied for the data management of wireless sensor networks that was capable of providing computational linguistics-related technical support. We mainly studied the related model of text mining for perceptual data. Wireless sensor networks had a large number of streaming data, with real-time characteristics. After basic node operation, it generated big data can be used for data mining. In order to apply the data mining technology to information processing of wireless sensor networks, this paper tried to find a similar such as DUC2008 abstract test samples, trained model and algorithm. The system integrated subsystems with different emphases to improve system performance, combined three innovative methods. Given that to date little research on dynamic multi-document summarization has been reported, this study had great significance. The results obtained by the new framework were compared with those from the TAC2008 evaluation, demonstrated that the new system’s performance matched that of the best existing systems.

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Meiling Liu, Wei Wei, Bing Xu, Huiqiang Wang, "Study on Dynamic Multi-document Summarization System Framework Method," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 5 , pp. 1339-1346, Sep. 2018.

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