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Recovery Support for Real-time Distributed Editing Systems

Mohammed I. Alghamdi,
Xunfei Jiang,
Ji Zhang,
Jifu Zhang,
Xiao Qin,


Crash recovery techniques allow real-time distributed editing systems to make progress in case of failures. In this study, we propose a recovery scheme to manage a local document state (a.k.a., checkpoint) in each node, which periodically generates the checkpoint state. If a transient failure occurs in a distributed editing system, a node can rejoin the editing system by loading the local document state rather than retrieving the state from remote nodes. Our recovery scheme maintains the consistency between a local state and a remote state during the crash recovery procedure. The correctness of the recovery algorithm is theoretically proved. We evaluate the performance of our recovery scheme by varying the elapsed time between a failed node joining and leaving a system. The experimental results show that our solution is superior to the traditional recovery approach that regains document states from other peer nodes.

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Mohammed I. Alghamdi, Xunfei Jiang, Ji Zhang, Jifu Zhang, Xiao Qin, "Recovery Support for Real-time Distributed Editing Systems," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 4 , pp. 1119-1129, Jul. 2018.

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