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Further Analysis on Smart TV Forensics

Minsu Park,
Heesoo Kang,
Seungsoo Baek,
Seungjoo Kim,


Smart devices have become an important part of our life due to improvements in IT technology and corresponding increase in demand for smart devices. In particular, smart TVs represent a convergence of computers and TV and have become popular. Therefore, many researchers conduct smart TV forensics to accurately and seamlessly investigate a suspect’s actions. However, previous works have focused not on critical information, such as viewing history, but on minor information such as web surfing history and system configuration information in smart TVs. To make matters worse, minor information is irrelevant to time or order. Therefore, it is inadequate to use previous methods to investigate and rearrange the order of a suspect’s action. We therefore propose a novel method to obtain time relevant information in smart TVs. We find additional information, such as the list of TV channels that are watched, the last viewing time, recent service history,  information on recently played video and recent camera usage information.

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Minsu Park, Heesoo Kang, Seungsoo Baek, Seungjoo Kim, "Further Analysis on Smart TV Forensics," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 4 , pp. 1055-1061, Jul. 2018.

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