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A Distribution Outsourcing Scheme Based on Partial Image Encryption

Xuan Li,
Zhihua Xia,


The digital watermark technology is widely used in copyright protection. However, with the rapid increasing of user demands and the explosive growth of data, it is difficult for the low-performance machine of the data provider to deal with business in real time. Therefore, it can be a good alternative that the task with high computing complexity and large resource consuming is outsourced to the professional cloud server. As far as known, the cloud server is considered as the honest-but-curious entity which may have some potential security issues. In order to solve these problems, we proposed a distribution outsourcing scheme based on partial image encryption. The wavelet coefficients of the image are divided into two parts, the watermarking part and the encrypting part, based on the requirement of security and robustness. The encrypting part is encrypted by the data owner, and the fingerprint watermark is embedded by the cloud server. When the data user is authorized, the visible image with the fingerprint watermark will be restored by decrypting the encrypted one. By analyzing the security of image data and the practicability of the scheme, our scheme is immediately practical.

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Xuan Li, Zhihua Xia, "A Distribution Outsourcing Scheme Based on Partial Image Encryption," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 3 , pp. 807-814, May. 2018.

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