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New Navigation System Combining QR-Code and Augmented Reality

Her-Tyan Yeh,
Bing-Chang Chen,
Cheng-Ta Yang,
Ping-Lun Weng,


Cloud computing system owns a good environment of growth by the fast expand of Internet. The most important key is that Internet has been conducted to everyday basic life. It could be easily access and save from places and items, which letting now the smart mobile cellular phone device growing vigorously, and develop countless of applications along with it. The research combines augmented reality, QR code with cloud computing to establish a cloud navigation system. Throughout the ability of camera from the cellular phone device and apps of QR code, transmits to the operating system by the local wireless networking. After it sends back to the user along with information such as video motion clip and music. Mean while augmented reality uses Park Navigation to identify immediately live scene, letting what is filming through digit information translating telling the user its location, no longer need old style map that costs confusion from the inconvenience of immediate display of information. In addition, augmented reality can also be uses to introduce details to what is need Park Navigation, along with QR code to interact on each other to be more pluralism and letting cloud system to be more perfect.

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Her-Tyan Yeh, Bing-Chang Chen, Cheng-Ta Yang, Ping-Lun Weng, "New Navigation System Combining QR-Code and Augmented Reality," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 2 , pp. 565-571, Mar. 2018.

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