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QuickSwap: A Lightweight Fast Recovery Protocol for Mesh-based P2P Live Streaming

Chih-Chiang Wang,
Bi-Wei Zhuang,
Mon-Yen Luo,


In this paper, we propose a failure recovery protocol named QuickSwap for mesh-based P2P live streaming systems. Unlike the existing mCache-based failure recovery scheme, QuickSwap enables peers to quickly recover their live streaming quality from neighbor failures by exchanging and pre-processing of local streaming information. Our contributions in this work are two-fold. First, QuickSwap’s lightweight streaminginformation exchange protocol together with the proposed neighbor maintenance and streaming-quality estimation methods provide a significant performance edge over the conventional mCache-based failure recovery. Second, we have built a system model for our proposal and have evaluated QuickSwap’s performance under different system settings through simulation methodology. Our results reveal that at a small, affordable overhead cost, QuickSwap protocol can support fast recovery of live streaming quality with a nearly 100% failure recovery success rate and a fail-over time less than one second for an average of exponentially distributed peer lifetimes as low as 10 minutes.

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Chih-Chiang Wang, Bi-Wei Zhuang, Mon-Yen Luo, "QuickSwap: A Lightweight Fast Recovery Protocol for Mesh-based P2P Live Streaming," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 2 , pp. 471-480, Mar. 2018.

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