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GRDR: A Novel Data Gathering and Dissemination Scheme for WSNs

Jinhuan Zhang,
Jun Long,
Anfeng Liu,
Guihu Zhao,


Data gathering and dissemination is a key issue for WSNs. Data collection should take energy efficient, reliability as well as delay into consideration. To address these problems, a novel reproduction packets routing scheme named Green, Reliability and Delay based Route (GRDR) is proposed. The GRDR scheme integrates three core phases, namely, packets reproduction, direction dispersity and multi-route. The key idea of the GRDR is to generate different number of new packet copies after certain steps according to the distance to sink, thus obviating the energy efficiency and latency minimizing for data collection. We formulate the optimization problem as to maximize lifetime under end-to-end delay and given reliability constraints by controlling the system parameters. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the scheme, we conduct extensive theoretical analysis and simulations to evaluate the performance of GRDR. The analysis and simulations show that GRDR is more energy efficient and lower delay than the existing scheme.

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Jinhuan Zhang, Jun Long, Anfeng Liu, Guihu Zhao, "GRDR: A Novel Data Gathering and Dissemination Scheme for WSNs," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 2 , pp. 425-438, Mar. 2018.

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