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A Backward Fast Handover Control Scheme for Mobile Internet (BFH-MIPv6)

Meng-Shu Chiang,
Chung-Ming Huang,


The fast handover scheme provides a handover preparation mechanism, which retrieves a new care-ofaddress (CoA) in advance and forwards packets to MN’s new visiting access router, to improve the handover performance over wireless network. However, if the handover preparation cannot be finished before the current link becoming unavailable, the handover latency will be increased. In this paper, we propose a backward fast handover control scheme for mobile Internet (BFHMIPv6) to resolve the aforementioned problems. In the proposed BFH-MIPv6 scheme, a new CoA is formed by the new access router (NAR) and a tunnel is established in advance when MN moves into the domain of NAR. As a result, MN can move smoothly to the new network domain to shorten the handover latency.

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Meng-Shu Chiang, Chung-Ming Huang, "A Backward Fast Handover Control Scheme for Mobile Internet (BFH-MIPv6)," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 19, no. 2 , pp. 359-367, Mar. 2018.

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