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Session-Based Cloud Video Delivery Networks in Mobile Internet

Dianjie Lu,
Bin Hu,
Xiangwei Zheng,
Hong Liu,
Guijuan Zhang,


Cloud video delivery networks (C-VDNs) have been receiving considerable attention recently. Different from traditional video delivery networks, C-VDNs can provide scalable resources without the need to invest on infrastructure deployment. However, current C-VDN strategies cannot be readily applied to mobile Internet because of the dynamic characteristics of mobile users and videos. Moreover, dealing with the surrogate site selection and delivery path building under cloud resource constraints is another challenging problem. We propose the session-based cloud video delivery network framework to solve these problems. This framework considers the mobility of mobile users and the changing of videos by employing graph extension and session construction, respectively. Furthermore, we formulate the coordination of surrogate site selection and delivery route building as a mixed integer program. We relax the integer constraints and design a heuristic algorithm to obtain the optimal solution because this is a nondeterministic-polynomial time problem. Simulation experiments show that our proposed algorithm is efficient in terms of both performance and rental cost.


Cloud video delivery networks; Content delivery networks; Mobile internet; Mixed integer program

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Dianjie Lu, Bin Hu, Xiangwei Zheng, Hong Liu, Guijuan Zhang, "Session-Based Cloud Video Delivery Networks in Mobile Internet," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 18, no. 7 , pp. 1561-1571, Dec. 2017.

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