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Coverless Information Hiding Method Based on LSB of the Character's Unicode

Zhihua Xia,
Xuan Li,


Information hiding can prevent secret information from being accessible to others who are not specified as the receiver, which has become an important technique in many application areas. However, with the advent of information hiding techniques, various kinds of steganalysis which are the study of detecting secret messages hidden by steganography have developed at the same time. Existing information hiding methods such as modifying-based and generating-based ones modify or generate the covers to hide the secret message, which are difficult to resist the corresponding detecting techniques. In this paper, we proposed a novel information hiding method without modifying the covers or generating unnatural covers. The LSBs of the Unicode of the character in covers are extracted. A secret key shared between the sender and receiver determines the represented message bits. Without modification or generation, the proposed method could theoretically resist current detecting techniques. The experiments are conducted on the databases of 200,000 texts. When each document represents 14 bits, all the messages can be successfully embedded.


Coverless text information hiding; LSB of the Unicode; Big data

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Zhihua Xia, Xuan Li, "Coverless Information Hiding Method Based on LSB of the Character's Unicode," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 18, no. 6 , pp. 1353-1360, Nov. 2017.

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