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An Outsourcing Data Storage Scheme Based on Digital Watermarking

Zhangjie Fu,
Lili Xia,
Xingming Sun,
Jiashuang Xu,


Outsourcing data storage systems reduce storage costs of IT Enterprises and maintenance for users, which have attracted much attention. It is an acceptable way to use cryptography technologies to ensure privacy preserving and access control in a secure outsourcing data storage scheme. However, if the data only depends on encryption, its copyright cannot be well protected. In this paper, we propose an outsourcing data storage scheme which combines digital watermarking and cryptography technology to support privacy preserving and data hiding. We use the multi-granularity encryption algorithm to preserve the privacy of outsourcing data. The RSA-based proxy re-encryption (PRE) algorithm is used to make the key transportation safe. A modified spatial domain technique (LSB substitution technique) is used to hide data which has high embedding capacity. And the decrypted data containing hiding data is approximate to the original data. Experiments show that our scheme is secure and feasible.


Digital watermarking; Outsourcing data storage; Data hiding

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Zhangjie Fu, Lili Xia, Xingming Sun, Jiashuang Xu, "An Outsourcing Data Storage Scheme Based on Digital Watermarking," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 18, no. 6 , pp. 1345-1352, Nov. 2017.

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