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An Elastic Reconstruction of 5G Network Oriented Cloud-ICT Convergence Service

Long-Jiang Tan,
Qiang Wu,
Chun-Ming Wu,


The elastic reconstruction of 5G network services provides the capability of network slice orchestration to access the network on demand, guarantee service experience on demand, and construct services on demand as well as to construct basic network services with lower costs. In this paper, the Cloud-ICT Convergence Service Architecture to construct an open and elastic digital information ecosystem is proposed. By constantly adapting to the requirements of 5G, the architecture will make network slices smaller to fit the requirements of agility in some scenarios, and will support telecom operators in building a cloud-based network, implementing network slicing, and bringing service innovation, management transformation and smooth evolution to future 5G networks. This paper also describes the procedure of adding new slices for vertical industry applications, and illustrates how this system could effectively be put into operation, for example in the vertical market in the carrier industry. Based on the cloud network integration architecture, a distributed SDN controller, D-ZENIC, is introduced for scalability.


SDN/NFV; Cloud; 5G network; Network slicing; PaaS

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Long-Jiang Tan, Qiang Wu, Chun-Ming Wu, "An Elastic Reconstruction of 5G Network Oriented Cloud-ICT Convergence Service," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 18, no. 5 , pp. 1203-1214, Sep. 2017.

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