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A Study of Proof-Based, E-Document Distribution Service System

Seong Pil Kong,
Sang Boem Lim,
Yang Dam Eo,


E-documents have been partially distributed. When it comes to the distribution of important documents such as contract and notice, however, paper or a particular system with enhanced security has only been available. This study proposes a distribution system which allows both companies and individuals to distribute e-documents in open environment through certified electronic address and circulation certificate and guarantees reliability through a trusted third party. The proposed distribution system can provide large-scale distribution services and keep them reliable. From the economic aspect, in addition, cost reduction, work efficiency and improvement of productivity are expected from individuals as well as public organizations and private companies.


ebXML; ebMS; Address directory system; Certified electronic address; Trusted third party

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Seong Pil Kong, Sang Boem Lim, Yang Dam Eo, "A Study of Proof-Based, E-Document Distribution Service System," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 18, no. 5 , pp. 1069-1081, Sep. 2017.

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