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Coverless Text Information Hiding Method Based on the Rank Map

Jianjun Zhang,
Lucai Wang,
Haijun Lin,


Text information hiding has attracted the attention of many researches and has made many achievements. However, the existing text information hiding methods like text format-based, generation method-based, text image-based etc., has an obvious flaw namely they cannot resist steganography detection. Based on the rank map of the words, we present a novel method of coverless text information hiding. Firstly, the proposed method directly generates stego-vectors from the secret message by using the rank map. Then, some normal texts, stego-texts including the generated sgeto-vectors, will be searched from the text big data. Finally, the secret information can be sent to the receiver without any modification of the stegotexts. The proposed algorithm has a higher theoretical significance and practice value because it is able to escape from almost all state-of-the-art steganalysis methods.


Coverless information hiding; The rank map; The big data; Steganography

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Jianjun Zhang, Lucai Wang, Haijun Lin, "Coverless Text Information Hiding Method Based on the Rank Map," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 18, no. 2 , pp. 427-434, Mar. 2017.

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