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Coverless Information Hiding Method Based on the Chinese Character Encoding

Xianyi Chen,
Sheng Chen,
Yulei Wu,


Recently, coverless information hiding, which requires no modification on covers and could resist various steganalysis technologies, draws more and more attention from researchers. However, how to locate and extract the secret message is still a major challenge. Based on the big data of texts, we propose a coverless information hiding method using Chinese character encoding technology. In the proposed method, the tags which are based on binary numbers and transformed by Chinese characters, are designed to locate the secret information and meet the requirements of both randomness and universality. It could enhance the security of the proposed method. Then the receiver would extract the secret information according to several certain tags, which are selected based on an independent secret key of the receiver. The experimental results show that the success rate of hiding could reach up to about 95.25%, and this proves the proposed method works efficiently.


Coverless information hiding; Chinese character encoding; Tags; Success rate

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Xianyi Chen, Sheng Chen, Yulei Wu, "Coverless Information Hiding Method Based on the Chinese Character Encoding," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 18, no. 2 , pp. 313-320, Mar. 2017.

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