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Identifying Hierarchical Multiple Distinct Facility Location Problems to Enhance Internet Service Efficiency

Chienwen Wu,
Heng-Hsing Chu,
You-Shyang Chen,


The Internet is integrated with new logistics protocols, intelligent analysis, and business models, which is resulting in a collaborative and highly distributed logistics and distribution system for warehouses and retailers. However, the overall benefits still rely on optimal locations and transportation to finish operations. In this study, we deal with a hierarchical multiple distinct facility location problems (HMDFLP) to solve warehouse and retailer location problem and to enhance the real efficiency of internet service. In many real situations, the limited space of the urban environment may lead to practical problems in locating a large warehouses facility in a single location and may need to be partitioned and placed at different locations with synergy patterns to fulfill orders from retailers. The mathematical model is developed for solving this problem and is constrained to five attributes: single sourcing, maximal covering location problem (MCLP), p-median, p-dispersion, and hierarchical location. This study also proposes a fast iterated local search (FSILS) algorithm to bridge this knowledge gap. The experimental results show that the FSILS algorithm is more efficient in terms of computational time than other known similar approaches and has a significant contribution to business strategy in a realistic location environment to promote industry development.


Warehouse location; Multiple distinct services; Hierarchical location; Fast Iterated Local Search (FSILS) algorithm; Internet service

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Chienwen Wu, Heng-Hsing Chu, You-Shyang Chen, "Identifying Hierarchical Multiple Distinct Facility Location Problems to Enhance Internet Service Efficiency," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 18, no. 2 , pp. 295-312, Mar. 2017.

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