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Study on Distributed Routing Management Method of Smart and Cooperative Network

Di Miao,
Hongke Zhang,
Wei Su,
Huachun Zhou,


According to the structural characteristics of the smart and cooperator network, and the idea of "control" and "data" separation, a distributed routing management mechanism is put forward. The routing management mechanism conducts layered deployment of the family controller (FC) in the network, and layered management of the network routing strategies and cache strategies. The FC manages the information, including internal identification, storage and FSIB (Forwarding Status Information Base), analyzes the information granularity and realizes the routing and cache management functions in the whole network. The neighborship is established between FCs so as to maintain the routing status between the neighboring FCs. The inferior FC builds a leader-member relationship with the superior FC. The distributed routing management mechanism conducts unified allocation of network resources according to the obtained network management information, so it has the advantages of reliability and flexibility. The family ID (FID) distributed routing management is realized through the distributed Hash algorithm. The graph theoretic model is employed to build the management model for the management mechanism. Then, the routing management mechanism is developed and experimented on the Mini-Net platform.


Distributed; Management; Smart and cooperative network

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Di Miao, Hongke Zhang, Wei Su, Huachun Zhou, "Study on Distributed Routing Management Method of Smart and Cooperative Network," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 18, no. 2 , pp. 287-294, Mar. 2017.

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