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A Multi-Objective Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm in Cloud Computing

Xiang-Wei Zheng,
Bin Hu,
Dian-Jie Lu,
Hong Liu,


Service-oriented network virtualization enables a Network-as-a-Service paradigm to be available in cloud computing, thereby allowing network infrastructures to be exposed and utilized on demand. Virtual network embedding is a core network virtualization technique; however, a number of conflicting embedding objectives must be accommodated when implementing virtual network embedding. In this paper, we propose a multi-objective virtual network embedding framework to balance various mapping (or embedding) objectives. In addition, we apply an improved multi-objective group search optimizer to solve the virtual network embedding problem and generate trade-off solutions. Experimental results suggest that multi-objective virtual network embedding can balance various mapping objectives while achieving excellent results for acceptance ratios and revenue.


Network virtualization; Virtual Network embedding; Multi-objective optimization; Group search optimization

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Xiang-Wei Zheng, Bin Hu, Dian-Jie Lu, Hong Liu, "A Multi-Objective Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm in Cloud Computing," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 17, no. 4 , pp. 633-642, Jul. 2016.

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