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The Systematic Construction of a Valid Domain Ontology

Yi-Hsing Chang,
Bo-Kai Chen,


This study incorporates the strategy of the incremental model, to construct a valid domain ontology. The advantages of the proposed solution are manifold. From the development aspect, it can reduce the development time for domain-specific ontology and rapidly modify ontology, according to the purpose and needs. From the software aspect, it is efficient in its, sharing and reuse of the constructed ontology. From the research aspect, the valid ontology can be used to store and classify the corresponding knowledge. A domain ontology of C language, based on the proposed method, is then developed. To assess the performance of the constructed ontology, five experts and scholars are invited and F1-measure is also applied to appraise the ontology. Findings show that the established domain ontology of C language is valid.


Ontology; Incremental model; C programming; Domain knowledge; Classification

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Yi-Hsing Chang, Bo-Kai Chen, "The Systematic Construction of a Valid Domain Ontology," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 16, no. 2 , pp. 289-299, Mar. 2015.

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