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TOP 10 (Ten 10 most downloaded papers starting counting from November, 2010.)
A Robust Dynamic Access Control Scheme in a User Hierarchy Based on One-Way Hash Functions
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Yu-Hao Chuang1, Chien-Lung Hsu1,2
Designing Integrated High Performance Web Portals for GIScience Research
     Volume 11, No 6, 2010
     Tong Zhang1, Ming-Hsiang Tsou2, Qinghua Qiao3, Bin Hu4
A Study on Using the Kano Two-Dimensional Quality Model to Evaluate the Service Quality of Government Websites
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Shih-Wu Liang1, Hsi-Peng Lu1, Ting-Kuei Kuo2
Fuzzy Set Theory-Based Trust Models in Multi-Agent Environment
     Volume 13, No 1, 2012
     Zhiyuan Su1, Mingchu Li1, Cheng Guo1, Jianhua Ma2, Jong Hyuk Park3, Young-Sik Jeong4
Research on Data Reconstruction Method Based on Identifier/Locator Separation Architecture
     Volume 12, No 4, 2011
     Ying Liu1, Ming Wan1, Hong-Ke Zhang1, Si-Dong Zhang1, Han-Chieh Chao2,3
Adaptive Zone-Based Bandwidth Management in IEEE 802.16j Multi-Hop Relay Network
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Chun-Chuan Yang1, Yi-Ting Mai2, Jeng-Yueng Chen3, I-Wei Lin1
Designs of Enhanced CAC with QoS Scheme for Efficient Resource Allocations on the IEEE 802.16 Network
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Shin-Jer Yang, Chun-Hsiu Cheng
Secure Nano Communication
     Volume 15, No 5, 2014
     Aneel Rahim1, Paul Malone1, Abdullah Sharaf Alghamdi2
Improvement on a Smart Card Based Password Authentication Scheme
     Volume 13, No 3, 2012
     Debiao He, Jianhua Chen, Jin Hu
Fastest Path in Time Varying Wireless Sensor Networks
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Hong Luo, Jialong Mi, Yan Sun

On-line Journal   [TOP 10 downloaded papers]

     The newest IF for JIT has been released and is 0.481(2012).
QoS Aware for Peer Selection on P2P Streaming Services
   Sinchai Kamolphiwong, Supitchaya Chanpong, Thossaporn Kamolphiwong
   Department of Computer Engineering, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Anonymous Authentication and Key-Agreement Schemes in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
   Cheng-Yeh Chen1, Te-Cheng Hsu2, Hsin-Te Wu3, John Y. Chiang1,4, Wen-Shyong Hsieh1,2
   1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University ...

Detecting Cache-Based Side Channel Attacks in the Cloud: An Approach with Cascade Detection Mode
   Si Yu1, Xiaolin Gui1, Xuejun Zhang1,2, Jiancai Lin1, Min Dai1
   1School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Shaanxi Province Key Laborat ...

Dynamical Multicast Light-Tree Construction in Intra-Datacenter Networks with Fast Optical Switching
   Wan Tang1, Ximin Yang1, Jingcong Li2, Zilong Ye3
   1Department of Computer Science, South-Central University for Nationalities, Chi ...

A Variable Threshold-Value Authentication Architecture for Wireless Mesh Networks
   Ping Guo1, Jin Wang1, Xue Hua Geng1, Chang Seob Kim2, Jeong-Uk Kim3
   1School of Computer & Software, Jiangsu Engineering Center of Network Monitoring ...

Guest Editorial: Knowledge Management and Big Data Analytics
   Chi-Hung Chi, Chen Ding, Qing Liu

A Software Framework for Efficient IoT Contexts Acquisition and Big Data Analytics
   Moon Kwon Kim1, Hyun Jung La2, Soo Dong Kim1
   1Department of Computer Science, Soongsil University, Korea 2Smart Service Labo ...

Sparse Ranking Model Adaptation for Cross Domain Learning to Rank
   Feiyi (Aaron) Tang1, Jing He1,2, Yong Tang3, Zewu Peng3, Luyao Teng1
   1College of Engineering and Science, Victoria University, Australia 2School of ...

Efficiently Comparing Provenance for Knowledge Discovery
   Jiuyang Tang1, Xiang Zhao1, Bin Ge1, Weidong Xiao1, Haichuan Shang2
   1College of Information System and Management, National University of Defense Te ...

Item Attribute-Aware Probabilistic Matrix Factorization for Item Recommendation
   Yonghong Yu1, Can Wang2
   1Tongda College, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China 2Com ...

A Framework for Multi-Faceted Analytics of User Behaviors in Social Networks
   Yun Wei Zhao1,2, Willem-Jan van den Heuvel2, Xiaojun Ye1
   1School of Software, Tsinghua University, China 2School of Economics and Manage ...

Guest Editorial: Cloud Computing and Big Data
   Ching-Hsien Hsu, Chunming Tang, Rui M. Esteves

Stratus: Check and Share Encrypted Data among Heterogeneous Cloud Storage
   Yu-Shian Chen, He-Ming Ruan, Chin-Laung Lei
   Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Inter-Block Multi-Erasure Coding Scheme for Cloud-Based Big Bulk Data Transmission
   Songwen Pei1,2,3, Gang Chen4, Shile Zhang5, Baifeng Wu4, Naixue Xiong1,6
   1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Shanghai for Scie ...

Efficient Top-k Similarity Join of Massive Time Series Using MapReduce
   Dehua Chen1, Changgan Shen1, Yue Li1, Jiajin Le1, Chunming Rong2
   1School of Computer Science and Technology, Donghua University, China 2Departme ...

Trusted Big Data Capture and Transport Architecture for Wireless Sensor Network
   Quan Zhou1,2, Deqin Xiao3, Yi Tang1,2, Chunming Rong4
   1Key Laboratory of Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences of Guangdong Highe ...

Mobile Cloud Based Framework for Remote-Resident Multimedia Discovery and Access
   Xianghan Zheng1, Nan Chen1, Zheyi Chen2, Chunming Rong3, Guolong Chen1, Wenzhong Guo1
   1College of Mathematics and Computer Science, Fuzhou University, China 2College ...

A Stochastic Modeling for VM Consolidation in Cloud Computing
   Minho Park1, Ji-Hoon Yun2, Seung Yeob Nam3
   1School of Electronic Engineering, Soongsil Univeristy, Korea 2Department of El ...

Cloud-Based Mapreduce Workflow Execution Platform
   In-Yong Jung1, Byong-John Han1, Chang-Sung Jeong1, Seungmin Rho2
   1Department of Electrical Engineering, Korea University, Korea 2Department of M ...

A Remote Control System for Cloud-Based Smart Homes Supporting Dynamic User Management
   Taenam Cho1, Seung-Hyun Seo2, Ilsun You3
   1Department of Information Security, Woosuk University, Korea 2The Center for I ...