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TOP 10 (Ten 10 most downloaded papers starting counting from November, 2010.)
Designing Integrated High Performance Web Portals for GIScience Research
     Volume 11, No 6, 2010
     Tong Zhang1, Ming-Hsiang Tsou2, Qinghua Qiao3, Bin Hu4
A Robust Dynamic Access Control Scheme in a User Hierarchy Based on One-Way Hash Functions
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Yu-Hao Chuang1, Chien-Lung Hsu1,2
Fuzzy Set Theory-Based Trust Models in Multi-Agent Environment
     Volume 13, No 1, 2012
     Zhiyuan Su1, Mingchu Li1, Cheng Guo1, Jianhua Ma2, Jong Hyuk Park3, Young-Sik Jeong4
Research on Data Reconstruction Method Based on Identifier/Locator Separation Architecture
     Volume 12, No 4, 2011
     Ying Liu1, Ming Wan1, Hong-Ke Zhang1, Si-Dong Zhang1, Han-Chieh Chao2,3
Secure Nano Communication
     Volume 15, No 5, 2014
     Aneel Rahim1, Paul Malone1, Abdullah Sharaf Alghamdi2
Improvement on a Smart Card Based Password Authentication Scheme
     Volume 13, No 3, 2012
     Debiao He, Jianhua Chen, Jin Hu
Adaptive Zone-Based Bandwidth Management in IEEE 802.16j Multi-Hop Relay Network
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Chun-Chuan Yang1, Yi-Ting Mai2, Jeng-Yueng Chen3, I-Wei Lin1
A Study on Using the Kano Two-Dimensional Quality Model to Evaluate the Service Quality of Government Websites
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Shih-Wu Liang1, Hsi-Peng Lu1, Ting-Kuei Kuo2
Visual Trustworthy Monitoring System (v-TMS) for Behavior of Trusted Computing
     Volume 11, No 6, 2010
     Young-Sik Jeong1, Jong Hyuk Park2
Arrival Process Modelling in Internet Auction
     Volume 13, No 5, 2012
     Chu-Fen Li

On-line Journal   [TOP 10 downloaded papers]

     The newest IF for JIT has been released and is 0.481(2012).
Efficient Multi-Attribute Query Processing in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
   ZhangBing Zhou1,2, Deng Zhao1, Lei Shu3, Han-Chieh Chao4
   1School of Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), C ...

A Secure Wireless Communication System Integrating PRNG and Diffie-Hellman PKDS by Using a Data Connection Core
   Ilsun You1, Yi-Li Huang2, Fang-Yie Leu2, Jung-Chun Liu2, Lih-Jiun Lo2
   1School of Information Science, Korean Bible University, Korea 2Computer Scienc ...

An RFID Authentication Protocol for EPC Class 1 Generation 2 Standard
   Tsung-I Chuang1, Wei-Ning Yang2, Nai-Wei Lo2
   1Graduate Institute of Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Tec ...

Global Development of Parliamentary Websites and Key Factors of Influence
   Hsi-Peng Lu, Shih-Wu Liang
   Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and ...

HieraRoute: A Dynamic and Hierarchical Road Routing Algorithm Based on Real-Time Information
   Hsien-Tsung Chang, Yi-Min Chang, Sheng-Yuan Chen
   Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chang Gung Universit ...

Reliable Protocols for Alert Message Delivery in Vehicular Wireless Networks
   Yu-Chi Chang, Tsan-Pin Wang
   Department of Computer Science, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwa ...

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Emerging Technologies in Information Systems and Internet Security
   Iftikhar Ahmad, Muhammad Ayaz, Adeel Javed

Alpha Activity during Emotional Experience Revealed by ERSP
   Ruoyu Du, Raja Majid Mehmood, Hyo Jong Lee
   Division of Computer Science and Engineering, Center for Advanced Image and Info ...

A Mixed Method Study on Usability Evaluation of Smartphone Web Browsers
   Department of Software Engineering, King Saud University, KSA

Secure Nano Communication
   Aneel Rahim1, Paul Malone1, Abdullah Sharaf Alghamdi2
   1Telecommunications Software and Systems Group, Waterford Institute of Technolog ...

Gender Classification from Facial Images Using Texture Descriptors
   Ihsan Ullah1, Hatim Aboalsamh1, Muhammad Hussain2, Ghulam Muhammad3, George Bebis4
   1Department of Computer Science, King Saud University, KSA 2Department of Softw ...

An Accountable Framework for Sensing-Oriented Mobile Cloud Computing
   Zhifeng Xiao1, Yang Xiao2, Hui Chen3
   1Department Computer Science and Software Engineering, Penn State Erie, The Behr ...

Mining Influential Communities for Virus Prevention in Cloud-Based Network
   Yu-Zhong Chen, Yu-Min Luo, Guo-Long Chen, Wen-Zhong Guo
   Fujian Key Laboratory of Network Computing and Intelligent Information Processin ...

An Effective Video Saliency Detection Model Based on Human Visual Acuity and Spatiotemporal Cues in Cloud Systems
   Zhijun Fang1,2, Juan Zhang3, Wanggen Wan1, Yuming Fang2
   1School of Communication and Information Engineering, Shanghai University, China ...

Effectively Mining Network Traffic Intelligence to Detect Malicious Stealthy Port Scanning to Cloud Servers
   Yanzhen Qu, Qikai Lu
   Department of Computer Science, Colorado Technical University, USA

Synchronization Simulations of Secure Knowledge Transfer in Cloud Networks
   Sheng-Hua Xu, Hong Zou
   School of Information Technology, Institute of Information Resource Management ...

Optimal Service Distribution in Cloud Service System Subject to Data Security Constraints
   Zhao Wu1, Zheng Wan2, Yannong Huang1, Qiong Gu1, Chunyang Hu1, Zhongbo Wu1
   1School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Hubei University of Arts and Scienc ...