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TOP 10 (Ten 10 most downloaded papers starting counting from November, 2010.)
Fast Intra Coding Algorithm Based on Image Texture Analysis for HEVC
     Volume 16, No 6, 2015
     Jiefeng Guo1, Guozhong Chen1, Lianfen Huang1, Han-Chieh Chao2,3,4
A Robust Dynamic Access Control Scheme in a User Hierarchy Based on One-Way Hash Functions
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Yu-Hao Chuang1, Chien-Lung Hsu1,2
A Study on Using the Kano Two-Dimensional Quality Model to Evaluate the Service Quality of Government Websites
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Shih-Wu Liang1, Hsi-Peng Lu1, Ting-Kuei Kuo2
Adaptive Zone-Based Bandwidth Management in IEEE 802.16j Multi-Hop Relay Network
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Chun-Chuan Yang1, Yi-Ting Mai2, Jeng-Yueng Chen3, I-Wei Lin1
Designs of Enhanced CAC with QoS Scheme for Efficient Resource Allocations on the IEEE 802.16 Network
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Shin-Jer Yang, Chun-Hsiu Cheng
Fastest Path in Time Varying Wireless Sensor Networks
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Hong Luo, Jialong Mi, Yan Sun
Bit Error Rate Performance of Hybrid SEC/MRC Diversity Scheme over Correlated Channels
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Soobum Cho1, Sang Kyu Park2
A Cloud-Integrated Appliance Recognition Approach over Internet of Things
     Volume 16, No 7, 2015
     Chin-Feng Lai1,2, Sherali Zeadally3, Jian Shen1, Ying-Xun Lai4
Designing Integrated High Performance Web Portals for GIScience Research
     Volume 11, No 6, 2010
     Tong Zhang1, Ming-Hsiang Tsou2, Qinghua Qiao3, Bin Hu4
Fuzzy Set Theory-Based Trust Models in Multi-Agent Environment
     Volume 13, No 1, 2012
     Zhiyuan Su1, Mingchu Li1, Cheng Guo1, Jianhua Ma2, Jong Hyuk Park3, Young-Sik Jeong4

On-line Journal   [TOP 10 downloaded papers]

     The newest IF for JIT has been released and is 0.44(2015).
Distributed Hierarchical Pattern-Matching for Network Intrusion Detection
   Zubair Baig1, Khaled Salah2
   1School of Science & Security Research Institute,, Edith Cowan University, Austr ...

Creation Method and Evolution Evaluation of Concept Knowledge Maps
   Meng Li, Sheng Cao, Zhiguang Qin
   School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Electronic Science and T ...

Security Analysis of RFID Relay Attacks
   Sghaier Guizani
   College of Engineering, Alfaisal University, Saudi Arabia

An Improved Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm for Microblog Based on Community Detection
   Hui-Huai Qiu, Yun Liu, Zhen-Jiang Zhang, Gui-Xun Luo
   Key Laboratory of Communication & Information Systems, Beijing Municipal Commiss ...

Adaptive Newsfeed Filter System for the Social Networking Site Using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization
   Kuo-Kuang Huang1, Hsin-Chin Chen2, Chia-Cheng Hsu2, Chien-Hung Liu3, Yueh-Min Huang2
   1Department of Information Management, National Penghu University of Science and ...

Detecting DGA-Based Botnet with DNS Traffic Analysis in Monitored Network
   Dinh-Tu Truong123, Guang Cheng12, Ahmad Jakalan12, Xiaojun Guo12, Aiping Zhou12
   1School of Computer Science and Engineering, Southeast University, China 2Key L ...

English Reading E-Book System Integrating Grouping and Guided Reading Mechanisms Based on the Analysis of Learning Portfolios
   Ting-Ting Wu
   Graduate School of Technological and Vocational Education, National Yunlin Unive ...

Interaural Time Difference Discrimination as a Function of Frequency and Time Differences
   Cong Zhang1, Heng Wang1, Qiyu Xie2, Naixue Xiong3
   1School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Wuhan Polytechnic University, China ...

Human Action Recognition Using Geometric Parameter Features and a Radial Basis Function Neural Network
   Haitao Li
   School of Information Science and Engineering & Key Laboratory for Computer Virt ...

Guest Editorial: Applied Cryptography and Its Practical Applications to Secure Internet Services
   Ilsun You, Fang-Yie Leu

Efficient Integration Method of Large-Scale Heterogeneous Security Logs Using NoSQL in Cloud Computing Environment
   Huijin Jeong1, Xuefeng Piao2, Junho Choi3, Juhyun Shin4, Pankoo Kim5
   1Department of Information System, Korea Electronic Safety Corporation (KESCO), ...

Secure and Trustworthy Mobile Service Review System Based on Mobile Cloudlet
   Tao Jiang1, Xiaofeng Chen1, Jin Li2, Jianfeng Ma1
   1State Key Laboratory of Integrated Service Networks (ISN), Xidian University, C ...

Clustering Algorithm Based on Outlier Detection for Anomaly Intrusion Detection
   Shang-Nan Yin, Ho-Seok Kang, Sung-Ryul Kim
   Division of Internet and Multimedia Engineering, Konkuk University, Korea

Fast Generation of DES-Like S-Boxes
   Leandro Marin
   Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Murcia, Spain

FiT-PA: Fixed Scale FFT Based Privacy Amplification Algorithm for Quantum Key Distribution
   Bo Liu123, Baokang Zhao12, Wanrong Yu1, Chunqing Wu1
   1School of Computer, National University of Defense Technology, China 2Synerget ...

Guest Editorial: Smart Multimedia Signal Processing in Consumer Electronics
   Chih-Hsien Hsia, Jing-Ming Guo

Parallelization and Performance Optimization of Radar Extrapolation Algorithm with OpenCL
   Xing Wang1, Yunhua Gu2, Chunsheng Miao1, Jeong-Uk Kim3, Jin Wang4
   1School of Atmospheric Science, Nanjing University of Information Science & Tech ...

2.4-GHz (ZigBee) Indoor Intrusion Detection
   Hsien-Wei Tseng1, Yang-Han Lee2, Yung-Wen Lee2, Liang-Yu Yen2
   1Department of Computer Science, Ningde Normal University, China 2Department of ...

Monitoring DDoS by Using SDN
   Chung-Hsin Liu1, Yen-Te Yeh2
   1Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chinese Culture Uni ...

RLER: A Reliable Location-Based and Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
   Ning Sun1, Guangjie Han1, Jie Zhang1, Tongtong Wu1, Jinfang Jiang1, Lei Shu2
   1College of Internet of Things Engineering, Hohai University, China 2Guangdong ...

Virtual Network Construction Scheduling Based on Network Criticality and Network Resources for Robust Physical Network
   Yasuhiro Urayama, Hayato Tsubota, Takuji Tachibana
   Graduate School of Engineering, University of Fukui, Japan

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on CECNet 2014
   Nurul I. Sarkar, Chongfu Zhang, Jeong-Hyun Park

The Impact of a New Algorithm of Complex Network Based on ωPageRank
   Ban He, Zhike Han, Nan Peng, Shunan Zhang
   Department of Computer and Computing Science, Zhejiang University City College, ...

A Microstrip-Feed Antenna of Dual-Wideband Characteristics for WLAN/WiMax Applications
   Churng Jou Tsai, Bing-Yan Sie
   Department of Computer and Communication, Kun Shan University, Taiwan

Design and Optimization of a Wireless Sensor Network for Plant Cultivation
   Fei Ding12, Aiguo Song3, Pengwen Xiong3, Jianqing Li3, Zhenyang Wu1
   1School of Information Science and Engineering, Southeast University, China 2Re ...

Antenna Design and Cell Division for HAPS Communication
   Mingxiang Guan, Le Wang
   School of Electronic Communication Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Information ...