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TOP 10 (Ten 10 most downloaded papers starting counting from November, 2010.)
Designing Integrated High Performance Web Portals for GIScience Research
     Volume 11, No 6, 2010
     Tong Zhang1, Ming-Hsiang Tsou2, Qinghua Qiao3, Bin Hu4
Fuzzy Set Theory-Based Trust Models in Multi-Agent Environment
     Volume 13, No 1, 2012
     Zhiyuan Su1, Mingchu Li1, Cheng Guo1, Jianhua Ma2, Jong Hyuk Park3, Young-Sik Jeong4
Research on Data Reconstruction Method Based on Identifier/Locator Separation Architecture
     Volume 12, No 4, 2011
     Ying Liu1, Ming Wan1, Hong-Ke Zhang1, Si-Dong Zhang1, Han-Chieh Chao2,3
Improvement on a Smart Card Based Password Authentication Scheme
     Volume 13, No 3, 2012
     Debiao He, Jianhua Chen, Jin Hu
Visual Trustworthy Monitoring System (v-TMS) for Behavior of Trusted Computing
     Volume 11, No 6, 2010
     Young-Sik Jeong1, Jong Hyuk Park2
Arrival Process Modelling in Internet Auction
     Volume 13, No 5, 2012
     Chu-Fen Li
Integrating Tagging into the Web of Data: Overview and Combination of Existing Tag Ontologies
     Volume 12, No 4, 2011
     Hak-Lae Kim1, Simon Scerri2, Alexandre Passant2, John G. Breslin3, Hong-Gee Kim4
Precise Bounded-Concurrent Zero-Knowledge in Almost Constant Rounds
     Volume 12, No 4, 2011
     Ning Ding1, Dawu Gu1, Bart Preneel2
On the Effect of Link Break Problem on Routing Protocols in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
     Volume 12, No 3, 2011
     Ying-Kwei Ho1, Ching-Chuan Chiang2, Ru-Sheng Liu3, Yao-Pin Tsai3
A Flexible Carrier Allocation Strategy for Multi-carrier Cell Architecture
     Volume 12, No 4, 2011
     Zhibin Gao1, Huifang Miao2, Yannan Yuan1, Lianfen Huang1

On-line Journal   [TOP 10 downloaded papers]

     The newest IF for JIT has been released and is 0.481(2012).
A Study on Using the Kano Two-Dimensional Quality Model to Evaluate the Service Quality of Government Websites
   Shih-Wu Liang1, Hsi-Peng Lu1, Ting-Kuei Kuo2
   1The Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science ...

Adaptive Zone-Based Bandwidth Management in IEEE 802.16j Multi-Hop Relay Network
   Chun-Chuan Yang1, Yi-Ting Mai2, Jeng-Yueng Chen3, I-Wei Lin1
   1Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chi Nan Un ...

Designs of Enhanced CAC with QoS Scheme for Efficient Resource Allocations on the IEEE 802.16 Network
   Shin-Jer Yang, Chun-Hsiu Cheng
   Department of Computer Science and Information Management, Soochow University, T ...

Fastest Path in Time Varying Wireless Sensor Networks
   Hong Luo, Jialong Mi, Yan Sun
   Beijing Key Lab of Intelligent Telecommunication Software and Multimedia Beijin ...

A Robust Dynamic Access Control Scheme in a User Hierarchy Based on One-Way Hash Functions
   Yu-Hao Chuang1, Chien-Lung Hsu1,2
   1Department of Information Management, Chang-Gung University, Taiwan 2Healthy A ...

CPA: A Cluster-Based Packet Acknowledgement Approach in WSNs
   Yun-Lei Sun1,2, Xiu-Quan Qiao1, Bo Cheng1, Si-Da Xue1, Jun-Liang Chen1
   1State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching Technology, Beijing University ...

Bit Error Rate Performance of Hybrid SEC/MRC Diversity Scheme over Correlated Channels
   Soobum Cho1, Sang Kyu Park2
   1Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, USA 2Department of ...

Maximizing Capacity Channel Assignment in Multi-Rate Multi-Channel Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
   Chun-Hung Richard Lin1, Tai-Wei Kuo1, Ying-Chih Lin2
   1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University ...

Design and Implementation of an Education Cloud
   Mon-Yen Luo
   Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Kaohsiung U ...

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Integration of IoT with Future Internet
   Al-Sakib Khan Pathan, Rashid A. Saeed, Mohamed Ali Feki, Nguyen H. Tran

A NetFlow v9 Measurement System with Network Performance Function
   Guang Cheng1, Hua Wu2
   1School of Computer Science and Engineering, Southeast University, China 2Key L ...

User-Friendly Establishment of Trust in Distributed Home Automation Networks
   Theis Solberg Hjorth1, Rune Torbensen2, Per Printz Madsen3
   1Danfoss Power Electronics A/S, Research & Development, Denmark 2Mads Clausen I ...

A Valley-Free Shortest Path Algorithm and Its Application in Detecting Critical Links among Autonomous Systems
   Wei Peng, Wenping Deng, Yujing Liu, Feng Zhao, Xiaofeng Hu
   National Key Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing, National Univer ...

BSU: A Biased Seed Unchoking Algorithm for P2P Systems
   Xianglin Wei1, Guomin Zhang2, Jianhua Fan1, Ziyi Lu1, Ming Chen2, Ran Li1
   1PLA University of Science and Technology, China 2College of Command Informatio ...

Optimized Selection of Streaming Servers with GeoDNS for CDNDelivered Live Streaming
   Zhenyun Zhuang1, Pan Zhou2
   1Department of Performance Engineering, LinkedIn Corp., USA 2Department of Elec ...

An Open and Automated Android Behavior Monitor in Cloud
   Chun-Ying Huang, Shang-Pin Ma, Ming-Lun Chang, Chin-Hsiang Chiu, Ting-Chun Huang
   Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University ...

Implement Efficient Data Integrity for Cloud Distributed File System Using Merkle Hash Tree
   Fan-Hsun Tseng1, Li-Der Chou1, Hua-Pei Chiang2, Wei-Jen Yu3
   1Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Central Univ ...

Understanding SNSs Users’ Intention to Pay
   Kuan-Yu Lin1, Hsi-Peng Lu2
   1Department of Information Networking and System Administration, Ling Tung Unive ...