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TOP 10 (Ten 10 most downloaded papers starting counting from November, 2010.)
A Robust Dynamic Access Control Scheme in a User Hierarchy Based on One-Way Hash Functions
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Yu-Hao Chuang1, Chien-Lung Hsu1,2
A Study on Using the Kano Two-Dimensional Quality Model to Evaluate the Service Quality of Government Websites
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Shih-Wu Liang1, Hsi-Peng Lu1, Ting-Kuei Kuo2
Adaptive Zone-Based Bandwidth Management in IEEE 802.16j Multi-Hop Relay Network
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Chun-Chuan Yang1, Yi-Ting Mai2, Jeng-Yueng Chen3, I-Wei Lin1
Designs of Enhanced CAC with QoS Scheme for Efficient Resource Allocations on the IEEE 802.16 Network
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Shin-Jer Yang, Chun-Hsiu Cheng
Fastest Path in Time Varying Wireless Sensor Networks
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Hong Luo, Jialong Mi, Yan Sun
Bit Error Rate Performance of Hybrid SEC/MRC Diversity Scheme over Correlated Channels
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Soobum Cho1, Sang Kyu Park2
Designing Integrated High Performance Web Portals for GIScience Research
     Volume 11, No 6, 2010
     Tong Zhang1, Ming-Hsiang Tsou2, Qinghua Qiao3, Bin Hu4
Fuzzy Set Theory-Based Trust Models in Multi-Agent Environment
     Volume 13, No 1, 2012
     Zhiyuan Su1, Mingchu Li1, Cheng Guo1, Jianhua Ma2, Jong Hyuk Park3, Young-Sik Jeong4
CPA: A Cluster-Based Packet Acknowledgement Approach in WSNs
     Volume 15, No 2, 2014
     Yun-Lei Sun1,2, Xiu-Quan Qiao1, Bo Cheng1, Si-Da Xue1, Jun-Liang Chen1
Research on Data Reconstruction Method Based on Identifier/Locator Separation Architecture
     Volume 12, No 4, 2011
     Ying Liu1, Ming Wan1, Hong-Ke Zhang1, Si-Dong Zhang1, Han-Chieh Chao2,3

On-line Journal   [TOP 10 downloaded papers]

     The newest IF for JIT has been released and is 0.481(2012).
A New VLSI Architecture for Symmetric Mask-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform
   Chih-Hsien Hsia
   Department of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

Practical Secure and High Efficient Authentication Scheme in Global Mobility Networks
   Chin-Chen Chang1,2,3, Chin-Yu Sun1, Shih-Chang Chang2
   1Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, Feng Chia Universit ...

DWT-Based Watermarking Using 2DLDA for Color Images
   I-Hui Pan1, Te-Jen Chang2, Ping-Sheng Huang3
   1School of Defense Science, Chung-Cheng Institute of Technology, National Defens ...

An Android Launcher with Hand Tremor Filter Capabilities for the Elderly
   Chih-Pin Freg1, Tien Yan Ma1, Kuo-Yang Tseng1, Wei-Tsong Lee2, Ting-Wei Hou1,3
   1Department of Engineering Science, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan 2Dep ...

An Efficient Packet Forwarding Mechanism Based on Bandwidth Prediction with Consideration of V2I and V2V Communications
   Wei Kuang Lai1, Mei-Tso Lin1, Yuh-Chung Lin2, Ya-Lin Jhuang1
   1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University ...

Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction with Type Constraint
   Yuxin Ye1,2,3, Zhaolong Zhu1,2, Dantong Ouyang1,2, Xianji Cui1,2
   1College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, China 2Key Labor ...

A New Genetic Algorithm for Overlapping Community Detection
   Bo Shen, Ningwei Wang, Huihuai Qiu
   Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Key Laboratory of Communic ...

Efficient Clustering Simulator for Hierarchical Management of High-Risk with Wellness
   Young-Sik Jeong1, Hyun-Woo Kim1, Doo-Soon Park2, Jong Hyuk Park3
   1Department of Multimedia Engineering, Dongguk University, Korea 2Department of ...

Guest Editorial: Computation Design with Internet Technology
   Teen-Hang Meen

A Study of User’s Acceptance on 3DVR Learning System Applied in Mechanical Engineering Education
   Chia-Sui Wang1, Tsung Han Lee2, Long-Jyi Yeh2
   1The Center of General Education, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science, Tai ...

Control and Evaluation Using a Parallel Robot
   Ko-Chun Chen1, Yuh-Ming Cheng2
   1Department of Applied Geoinformatics, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science ...

Half-Duplex Ranging System by Dual Frequency and Code Correlation
   Wan-Jie Cheng1, Yi-Te Chiang2, Fan-Ren Chang1
   1Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan 2Depa ...

A Novel Multiple Buses Controller in Multiprocessors
   Jih-Fu Tu1, Chih-Yung Chen2
   1Department of Electronic Engineering, St. John’s University, Taiwan 2Departme ...

A Study of Investigating the Learning Effectiveness of Applying the MOODLE E-Learning in Taiwan’s Elementary School
   Pin-Chang Chen1, Tian-Syung Lan1, Shu-Chun Chiu2, Yu-Hua Lan3
   1Department of Information Management, Yu Da University of Science and Technolog ...

Guest Editorial: Information System with Internet Technology
   Teen-Hang Meen

Design and Evaluation of Learning Motivation, and Achievement on Mobile Knowledge Sharing System for Game Design Course Acceptance
   Chung-Ho Su1,2, Kuo-Kuang Fan1
   1Graduate School of Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology ...

Online Opponent Modeling for Action Prediction
   Chih-Ming Chiu1, Shao-Shin Hung2, Jyh-Jong Tsay1, Kuo-Kuang Fan3, Der-Chian Tsaih4
   1Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chung Chen ...

Product Design Prediction Using Integrated Dynamic Kansei Engineering Scheme
   Kun-Chieh Wang
   Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Overseas Chinese University ...